Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you deliver my prescription? We’ve cut back our daily delivery service now that lockdown has ended and limiting it to Tuesdays and Fridays for vulnerable people. However, if you have an emergency prescription that your pharmacy cannot deliver, our sister organisation EcoCarriers BSE we can help (£3.50 per delivery in Bury). Call 01284 413441.
  2. What covid precautions do you take? Our riders follow strict protocols to protect themselves and others. When they deliver your prescription or shopping they will knock on your door and step back. When you have confirmed your name they will ask you to step back so they can place your items on your doorstep whilst maintaining social distancing. The riders wear face coverings as appropriate, and wear gloves or sanitise their hands between deliveries.
  3. What does it cost to have a ride?  Nothing!  Rides are free, thanks to our lovely volunteers and generous support from St Edmundsbury Borough Council, BSE Town Council and all our other sponsors.
  4. Who can be a passenger? Any St Edmundsbury resident who finds it difficult to get out and about because of limited mobility or social isolation, but would enjoy a ride round town. People with special needs are especially welcome, accompanied by their carer.
  5. What days and times does BSE Rickshaw operate? Every day and evening – 7 days a week 9.30am till dusk.
  6. My neighbour/relative/friend is lonely and would be suitable, how do I book a ride for them? Ring us on 01284 339449 to make a referral, or contact us here.
  7. Can I book a ride at short notice? Yes we can take short notice bookings – so long as the rickshaw is free and we have a volunteer rider available.
  8. What if it rains? The rickshaw has a big cover to keep the passengers dry (not the rider though!) if it starts raining.  If it’s raining before your ride is due to start we will call you to see whether rescheduling is the best plan.
  9. Where do the rides go?  It’s up to you and the rider but if you can’t decide, we have a standard tour round the town that includes the Arc and Abbey Gardens. Let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see. We will pick you up from where you live for the ride, and drop you off there afterwards.
  10. How fast does the rickshaw go? Slowly! These rides are about gently taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the town whilst saying hello to passersby and chatting with the rickshaw rider.
  11. Can you take me and my mates home from the pub? No 🙂  Get a taxi.
  12. Do you operate all year round? Yes.
  13. Can I help? Yes! Have a look at our volunteer page.  All our riders are trained and DBS checked.
  14. My business would like to sponsor you, can we do that? Yes! Call us on 01284 339449 or contact us here.
  15. Can my carer/partner/daughter/grandson/friend ride in the rickshaw with me? Yes! We can take two people at a time.
  16. How many rickshaws are there? We have three rickshaws and one cargo bike.